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Why choose Sunbridge?

Here are some good reasons:

1. We have been training people to teach overseas for almost 20 years!

2. Our teacher training graduates are teaching worldwide!

3. E-learning makes our courses easy to take. Earn your TESOL or TEFL certification by e-learning! Fit learning into your schedule and complete our course faster than you thought possible!

4. Our low tuition is hard to beat - $350 USD per course!

5. Each of our courses provides you with valuable, practical experience-based training in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

6. When you graduate from one of our courses, you will have earned a certificate that will put you in demand as a qualified English teacher. 

7. Our courses are designed by teachers for teachers and prospective teachers whose first language is English or who are proficient in the spoken and written language.

8. TESOL and TEFL Certificates are standards in ESL teaching. Our courses have been recognized and accepted by schools around the world since 1998 (and complimented by at least one ministry of education).

9. When schools hire a Sunbridge graduate, they can be confident that they have acquired a professionally trained English teacher.

10. When you complete one of our courses, you will be able to step into an ESL class with confidence and knowledge.

11. If you don't have a degree*, we may be able to help you to earn one on an accelerated basis. Click here for details.

*There are countries in which you may still be able to teach with only our TESOL or TEFL Certificate but we highly recommend having a degree. If you don't, you may have difficulty getting an extended visa in the country where you would like to teach. Associate degrees (USA) and Foundation degrees (UK) may be accepted by some schools and/or education ministries or immigration authorities. We suggest that you plan to earn a full degree and if you find that you love teaching, why not go on to earn your Master's? If you have thoughts of teaching a the university level, a Master's is the minimum you will need, though a Ph D is usually preferred. You can achieve most degrees through e-learning now from many universities so you can earn and learn at the same time!


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*Sunbridge Institute of English is an educational institute registered since 1998 in Ontario, Canada and provider of our English courses.

**Sunbridge Institute of English, Inc. is an educational corporation registered since 1999 in Delaware, USA and provider of our teacher training courses.