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In English, phraseology varies considerably depending on your target market. As a business, you cannot afford to have your sales or publicity translation misconstrued. Words and phrases often have different meanings on Scotland, England, Canada, USA, Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.

As translators, we work for you and it is out job to ensure that what you say in English is grammatically correct, current and phrased right for the market or audience you want to reach whether government, suppliers, customers or other people or organizations..

I grew up in the bilingual city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and took my primary and secondary schooling there in English along with French language studies. In business, I have been Director of Marketing for a group of 39 companies including insurance, travel, hospitality, building and property development and public attractions. I have been responsible for the correct translations of countless forms, manuals, sales letters and promotions. Here in Canada, we have two official languages and all government services must be available in both English and French. As a teacher, I have taught English from K-12, university level and facilitated a number of corporate language training programs.

When you need documents, forms, letters, manuals, marketing or sales promotions, translated from French to English, I would be delighted to offer you a quotation. We work to your deadlines -quickly, accurately and confidentially.

My team of experienced translators is ready to put their knowledge and expertise to work for you. Let us know what you need and we shall be happy to provide a quotation.

Click here to go to our quotation form. You may complete it online and send it directly to us. However, if because of sensitive information, you prefer to send it through other channels, you may download it and send it as an attachment or via courier to us at:

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