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Teaching English to Young Learners


About the Sunbridge TEYL Course:

This second language instruction course was developed to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified ESL teachers of young children in non-English speaking countries around the world.  It combines elements of Early Childhood Education (ECE) and teaching children a second language.

During the course, you will learn a wide variety of teaching techniques and strategies for teaching children from ages 4-11. The course text is online. Once you register, you may download the text and study offline at your convenience - then email the assignments to us. We are proud to offer one of the first teaching English to children online courses.

The course is open to native English speakers and those with a good command of the language. A bachelor's degree is recommended though experience and we will considder some college-level courses. Most schools now though as fora degree (usually in any discipline). We also highly recommend taking our TESOL or TEFL course before taking TEYL. It is a totally different course and most schools ask for one of these qualifications first. Taking two courses saves you $100 USD and will open many more doors to schools that might otherwise not consider your resume or CV.

TEYL Certificate Program

The TEYL Course text is divided into four parts and a total of 24 lessons:

        1. Part One – Care and Teaching of Young Children
        2. Part Two – Essential English
        3. Part Three – Making Learning Fun
        4. Part Four – Planning Lessons

It is based on a three-month period of study but it is anticipated that students may be able to complete it in much less time depending on their own schedule. There is no deadline for completion of the course.

After each part, there is an assignment to complete and submit.  Assignments are not graded but judged by the instructor as 'satisfactory' or 'in progress'.  In the latter case, the instructor will discuss what is what is required to bring the assignment up to the 'satisfactory' level.

Once all four assignments are received and approved, you receive a handsome TEYL Certificate that you will be proud to display.

Part One covers the special attention and needs of young learners. This includes how the need for TEYL developed, care and control of young children, how children learn, how they learn a new language and how to create an effective learning environment.

Part Two deals with many techniques, approaches and activities for teaching English to foreign children, including learning the sounds, spelling, reading, speaking, writing and building vocabulary.

Part Three shows how you can introduce English lessons in fun ways through storytelling, games, art, video, computers and the Internet.

Part Four is a valuable source of reference material and practical tips for teachers of young children. It includes sections on planning seasonal activities, outside events, what learning outcomes you should be planning to achieve, assessing progress and many other tips for teachers of young children.

The object of this course is to familiarize you with the many aspects of teaching English to children, whether pre-school or primary school age, so that you will have a solid foundation upon which to add your own experience. When you have completed the course, the material will be a valuable resource for you in the years to come.  Use it whenever you are searching for new ideas and concepts with which to experiment in your classes.

Competitive Cost - Great Investment in your future!

Our TEYL course tuition is very competitive! At only $350 US, it costs far less than most other graduate-level courses.  Putting this course online helps us to keep tuition as low as possible.  Schools are looking for teachers whose experience and training relate directly to the level of students they will be teaching.  If you are interested in working with young children, then this TEYL course is for you!

The TEYL Course textbook is now available for most eReaders such as Kindle, Kobo, Sony, etc. Click the following link for details or to order your copy:

Teaching English to Young Learners by Robert Taylor
Price: $5.99 USD

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When you consider the cost of education today, this is a very cost-efficient and time-effective course. It is a very small investment in your continuing education and one that can have an immediate impact on your life.

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Comment from a recent TEYL student:

"Thank you to the Sunbridge Institute of English for a helpful and informative course. It was easy to understand and gave me the tools for understanding what an ESL teacher is all about."

-Isabelle, Canada

Start today and you could be on your way to a foreign country within weeks and an exciting career as a qualified, confident and knowledgeable ESL teacher! Teachers are needed immediately in many countries!


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