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Questions People Ask about our TESOL
and Other Courses

What is the total cost?
Currently, our Tuition is $375 USD. This is the total you have to pay and included tuition fee, review and comments on your four assignments, and your Certificate of Course Completion sent to you by regular mail. If you need your certificate in a hurry, there may be an extra charge (outside Canada or the USA) to ship it via courier or EMS.

What qualifications do I need to teach English overseas?
Although some International Schools ask for a teacher's license from your home country, in most regular overseas government and private schools, all that is usually required is a Bachelor's Degree in any discipline, a TESOL certificate, a good command of English and a desire to teach. 

Will the school pay for my flight overseas?
If you are hired from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc., schools will usually arrange necessary visas, work permits, maybe housing, and may even pay for your flight (after you have taught with them for a period of time)! They may offer language lessons and free lunches as well. All of these can be negotiated with the school but remember that negotiation is a give and take procedure.

You can sometimes get hired without a bachelor's degree but the better education you have, the more doors to an overseas teaching position that will open for you. Contact us if you don't have a degree but would still like to take our course. We are here to help you to accomplish your goals of finding a teaching position overseas - not to turn you away!

NOTE: If you apply to teach from within a country, the school may consider you to be a 'local hire' and therefore be reluctant to pay airfare, completion bonus, housing assistance or anything a local teacher would not get (except possibly a higher salary). If you can, initiate contact from your home country.

If I have a degree, do I need TESOL Certification?
YES! Whether or not you have a BA, BSc, B Ed, or other undergraduate degree, more and more overseas schools are now asking for an ESL qualification.

Why should I take TESOL or TEFL?

TESOL/TEFL is the qualification that most schools ask for first. In Europe, they are more famikliar with the designation TEFL though this is really synonymous with TESOL.

What about CELTA?

CELTA is a British qualification and stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. Our TESOL course is for teaching all age levels and thus is much broader in scope. Since most new teachers start off teaching in regular schools, it is important that the methologies they learn are applicable to all ages.

I am a teacher already in the USA. Will your course satisfy my state five-year upgrade requirement?
Although our teacher training courses are designed primarily for people wanting to go teach overseas, they have been used to satisfy the five year education upgeade program. We suggest you confirm it with your state before applying.

Can I use your course to teach in Canada or the USA?
In order to teach in a regular school in Canada or the USA, you must satisfy provincial or state requirements. This usually means having a B Ed degree and a teacher's licence. Most universities, on the other hand,usually can set their own requirements and often hire 'subject experts'. Community Centres are another avenue to explore as well as home tutoring. Yet another is corporate language training of new non-English workers. There are always opportunities if you look around.

It always looks good if you are able to say that you have international teaching experience we we recommend spending one or two years overseas.




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