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Overseas Teaching Jobs

There are always many teaching jobs available overseas. The key to finding a position quickly is to be flexible. If you are new to teaching, be ready to accept a teaching post in a country even if it is not your first choice. Once you have experience, you can be more selective. The main thing is to build experience.

Here are the latest teaching jobs from around the world as of October 2, 2017. There are many such sources. When you register for our TEFL or TESOL course, we will show you where to find teaching positions:

This Week's Worldwide Jobs:

The following teaching jobs have just been posted to our job board. A ‘v' after a number means a ‘volunteer' or likely unpaid job. All others are presumably salaried and contracted positions.

Algeria 1, Azerbaijan 1, Bahrain 1, Brazil 1, Bulgaria 1, Cambodia 3, China 200 +, Colombia 4, Costa Rica 1, Czech Republic 8, East Timor 1, Ecuador 2 + 2v, Egypt 3, France 9, Germany 2, Greece 6, Honduras 4v, Hong Kong 10, Hungary 1, Indonesia 12 +, Italy 60 +, Japan 20 +, Jordan 1, Kazakhstan 3, Latvia 1, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 3, Macau 1, Malaysia 1, Mexico 3v, Mongolia 1, Myanmar 2, Oman 2, Peru 2, Poland 16, Portugal 4, Russia, 20 +, Saudi Arabia 20 +, Singapore 6, Slovakia 6, South Korea 20 +, Spain 100 +, Sri Lanka 1, Tanzania 1, Thailand 4, Tunisia 1, Turkey 6, Ukraine 1, United Arab Emirates 1, Uzbekistan 1, Vietnam 12.

594 ESL teaching positions are open this week in 51 countries around the world. Wouldn't you like to spend a year or two in a foreign country helping students and adults to learn English? Well, here are almost 600 opportunities for you to do that!

What a great way to expand your horizons, your knowledge, have fun, help students, and build your resume at the same time!

A degree* in any discipline, (B Ed, B A, B Sc, B Eng), a good command of the English language and our TEFL Certificate are all you need to apply for most of the above positions. Some schools will even hire you without a degree if you have taken one of our well-respected certificate courses. Pick a country you would like to spend some time in then click our link to get started. Four to six weeks is all it can take!

* *No degree? We also have contacts with major school education groups in China who need hundreds of teachers –and a degree is not always essential. Associate and Foundation degrees may be considered depending on the school, Ministry of Education and country.

Hint for enthusiastic people who want to get into teaching… Europe is a tough nut to crack unless you are experienced. Try Asia or Central/South America to gain experience first…and to be sure that teaching is for you.

These are from one source only. We can tell you there are hundreds more teaching jobs available. During our course, we'll show you all you need to do to apply! Our graduates are also welcome to contact us for information about any of the listed jobs.

There couldn't be a better time to get started than right now! You could be teaching in one of these countries within a few weeks. Our students are often hired even before they complete the TEFL or TESOL course and we are delighted to forward their certificate to their new school!

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Few other courses can have such an immediate impact on your life the way the Sunbridge Institute TEFL Certificate Course can.

Register, study and complete the e-learning assignments on your computer from anywhere in the world! All you need is access to the Internet.




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