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What graduates
from around the world
say about our TESOL, TEFL and other courses

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the awesome helpful feedback and am excited to get started somewhere soon! I would love to start working as soon as possible. Thank you once again!

~ Nicole B, USA


"The methodologies, techniques and approaches to teaching English, as outlined in the Sunbridge Institute TESOL textbook, have proved a valuable resource to this teacher.  This course has allowed me to grow as an educator, and to provide more enjoyable and effective lessons to my students. Thank you Sunbridge Institute of English and Prof. Taylor."
~ Steven B., Thailand


"Thanks for that bit of advice, and thanks for the course!  Here's an update for your archives. Since gaining the Sunbridge Certificate, I have applied for a number of jobs, all better than the one I hold at present, and was accepted for four of them. I finally decided to take a job at an international preschool that pays well. I know that I would  not have been considered without the certificate. Thanks again,"
~Sue A., Thailand

"Thank you for registering me for your TESOL course.  I found it very useful for me. It has taught me a lot.  It has also given me many fresh ideas as well as things to consider when I apply for another job.  I appreciate the useful pointers you have provided me.  Thank you again. I have recommended your course to many Canadians to take."
~ Margaret M, South Korea


"Dear Dr. Taylor,
I received the certificate this afternoon.  Thank you very much.  I really enjoyed taking the course.  I learnt a lot of methodologies that I have never learnt before.  I will suggest my friends to take this course, and I am very sure that they will also enjoy it.  Again, thank you very much Dr. Taylor." 

~ Lanny T., Macau


"I just loved the course!  I especially liked the last part where I got to apply my own creativity!"
~ Rose Marie G., Thailand


"I found that when I implemented some of the teaching techniques described in the TESOL course, my student was more motivated and could develop other skills besides English. She gained confidence and was able to use her creative thinking skills.
...I learned a lot about which lessons worked and how to improve them.  I also noticed that my student's English skills improved with her new confidence...
 ... I feel more self-assured and prepared as a teacher with my new techniques.  Withmore variety and motivating activities, English class is more satisfying for both the student and the instructor."
    ~ Melissa R., Thailand


"I found the course very interesting.  It is filled with practical information. There are many ideas and activities to do in class. It is well organized and easy to follow."
~ Shanthi N., Canada


Dear Dr. Taylor,
Thank you very much for sending me the TESOL Certificate which I received today. I'm sure I'll be more confident to go on with my career now.
Thank you once again for the course and may the Lord richly bless you as you educate many people around the world.
Flora K, Macau


“Having previously taken a course that was mainly theory, yours was a refreshing change with many useful ideas and suggestions. Thanks again."
      ~   Linda M., Canada


"It's been great to find your Institute and take your class this way.  Thanks for making it available for people in situations where we can take the course at home at our own pace".       ~ David S., Pennsylvania, USA


"Im happy to send you my four complete assignments about the TESOL COURSE.  It was  sure very interesting studying with the Institute."
     ~ Angel A., Bogota, Columbia, SA


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