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Hello and Ni Hao!

We have been contacted by an education group in China asking us to help them to find candidates for English teaching positions in many cities there.


Ages: 24-45. (Yes, in Asia, employers are allowed to specify ages.)

Education: Bachelor or higher degree. TEFL certified.* Teaching experience beneficial but not essential for all positions.

*You can complete our TEFL Certificate Course in 4-6 weeks while you are in the process of getting your visa!

Start Date: Anytime that is convenient for you.

Proficient in written and spoken English.

Punctual and responsible with a sound work ethic.

Energetic and enthusiastic.

No criminal record.


As an ESL Consultant, your duties include lesson planning and classroom teaching. Positions are available for students from Kindergarten to adult. You will be responsible for the welfare and well-being of your students during class time and office hours. You may also be required to host events and represent your school publicly. This could include Christmas and Halloween parties, spelling bees, public demo lessons and even birthday celebrations for the students.

Recruitment procedure:

When we receive your documents, we shall review them and contact you with any suggestions before we forward them to China. After that it is up to our working partner in China. They will contact you so be sure your email, phone and Skype address are shown on your résumé.

If our education partners in China are interested, they will arrange a face-to-face Skype video interview with you so that they can get to know you better and answer any questions you have regarding teaching and living in China.

>>>Don't have Skype? Download it free here: <<<

Once you have secured a position with them, guidance will be provided to help you through the Chinese visa application process. As soon as you have your visa, you will be all set to go. Simply notify them about your arrival date and time in China and they will pick you up, take you to your accommodation and provide you with some extra training to prepare you for your future duties.

Position details:

Job Title: ESL Consultant

Job Location : Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Chengdu in Sichuan Province, Ha Er Bin and other cities across China!

Monthly Base Pay: Ranging from 10,000RMB to 20,000RMB (approximately 1,568 USD to 3,047 USD) without accommodation, from 8,500RMB to 18,500RMB (1,333 USD to 2,808 USD) with employer provided accommodation, depending on teaching experience and qualifications.

Hours/Week: Maximum 40 office hours including maximum 25 teaching hours in class.

Any teaching hours over 25 are paid at an overtime rate of 150RMB (approximately 23.68 USD) per hour. There are 2 days off per week.

Accommodation: Western style and fully furnished. Employees pay for utility and maintenance bills.

Holidays: All public holidays in China.

Airfare Allowance: Up to 3,000 RMB (about 616 USD) reimbursement paid at completion of 1 year contract.

Visa: They offer a Z work visa for eligible candidates.

Health Insurance: Available to purchase through them.

On-the-job training and teaching materials will be provided.

Chinese teaching assistant will assist in each class therefore no need to speak Chinese.

Chinese assistant will be arranged for airport pick up and help to settle down.

Daily living support including setting up bank accounts, new mobile numbers, medical assistance and other general requirements. 

If you would like to be considered for one of these teaching position in China, please scan your documents and email us your résumé, a copy of your diplomas, transcript if available, any letters of commendation, and covering letter. a scanned recent photo (head and shoulders business shot) and approximate date you would be available to leave for China.

>>>Click here to download our resume form<<<

This is a good guide for you to follow to ensure all needed information is included.

>>>Send these to us at: <<<

Your resume should include the following:

- your full name and age

- a brief paragraph about what you want to do.

- Your education and work summary, hobbies, interests, languages spoken.

- any teaching or other experience you think would benefit you as a teacher in China.

- your contact details including home address, phone, email address and Skype name.

Alternatively you may send us your documents via snail mail. This is slower so we recommend using email if possible. It also makes it faster for us to forward them to China. If you do send them by mail, please email us to let us know to expect them. Send them to:

Teach in China
Sunbridge Institute of English
7-841 Sydney Street, Suite 201
Cornwall ON Canada K6H 7L2

Thanks and remember... if you need your TEFL Qualification, we can do that for you in 4-6 weeks. Our course is only $350 USD. This is a small investment in your own education and future.

Good luck with your application. Don't forget to send us pictures once you are in China!

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