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Because our learners can be anywhere in the world, our courses are offered by eLearning and structured to make it easy for them to communicate with our instructors wherever they, the students, are.


* For our English learners, as well as what the students need or want to learn, we have to consider things such as time zones as well as school and business hours. Therefore, our courses are quite flexible. They are intended to fit in with our students' schedules whether these are regular students or business people. Please click here to improve your English language skills.

** For our Aspiring Teachers, along with your degree and native-speaking (or near-native speaking) command of the English language, our teacher-training certificate courses will quickly help to get you on your way to a teaching position in a country where English is not the first language. Non-native speakers who have a good command of the language without a heavy accent and non-native speakers who plan to teach English in their own country are also invited to apply to take our courses. Name a country and we probably have graduates of one or more of our courses teaching there. Our TESOL and TEFL courses are very well-respected around the globe and have been accepted by schools, school boards and Ministries of Education since 1998. Please click here to go to our teacher training page.

Dr. Taylor's e-book "Introduction to Teaching Overseas"
is a valuable resource for aspiring overseas teachers.
It is available in most e-reader formats (including pdf) for only $ 0.99

Click the following link to order for immediate download:

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