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When it comes to ESL teacher certification, you have come to the right place! We have been training people just like you to teach overseas since 1998! You don't have to be a teacher or have a teaching degree. Most schools will accept a degree from any discipline.

We offer the following teacher training certificate courses:

Earn Your TESOL Certificate Right Here:

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Earn Your TEFL Certificate Right Here:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Earn Your TEYL Certificate Right Here:

Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)

Earn Your TEFLA Certificate Right Here:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (TEFLA)

Want to travel and teach English overseas? Our TESOL course is absolutely the best course for you to take!

Why TESOL? When it comes to overseas jobs in Asia, Central or South America, schools ask for this qualification FIRST! TESOL is also accepted now in Europe.

What about TEFL? TEFL is very similar to TESOL but that designation is better known in Europe. If you want to teach in Europe, you should have a TEFL certificate. Western Europe can be a tough nut to crack. Jobs are plentiful in Eastern Europe though with new countries entering the EU. TESOL is also accepted now in Europe.

For more information about our other certificate courses, click on the links in the top menu.

Why Sunbridge? We've been training people to teach overseas for 16 years! Our graduates are teaching worldwide; e-learning makes our courses easy to take, and our low tuition is hard to beat! Earn your TESOL or TEFL certification by e-learning! Fit learning into your schedule and complete our course faster than you thought possible!

All of our courses provide you with valuable, practical experience-based training in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). When you graduate from our course, you will have earned a certificate that will put you in demand as a qualified English teacher.  The courses are designed for teachers and prospective teachers whose first language is English or who are proficient in the spoken and written language.

TESOL and TEFL Certificates are standards in ESL teaching. Our courses have been recognized by schools around the world since 1998. When schools accept a Sunbridge graduate, they can be confident that they have hired a professionally trained teacher.

So, if you are serious about teaching English abroad, our TESOL or TEFL Certification Course will help open doors to quality teaching jobs around the world!


Qualifications for ESL teachers
In most nations where ESL teachers are desperately needed, all that is usually required is a Bachelor's Degree, a TESOL or TEFL certificate, a good command of English and a desire to teach.  If you are hired from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc., schools will usually arrange necessary visas, work permits, housing, and will often even pay for your flight (after you have been with them for a set time)!

You can sometimes get hired without a bachelor's degree but it is becoming more and more difficult. The better education you have to offer, the more doors to an overseas teaching position that will open for you.

"If I have a degree, do I need TESOL Certification?"

Whether or not you have a BA, BSc, B Ed, or other undergraduate degree, more and more overseas schools are now asking for an ESL qualification. You will see ads asking for TESOL, TEFL, TESL, or CELTA. CELTA is a British qualification and stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults but our TESOL and TEFL courses are for teaching all age levels and thus much broader in scope. Although you may aspire to specialize in teaching younger ages or adults, you should begin with a TESOL or TEFL course. Most new teachers start off teaching in regular schools so it is important that the methologies they learn are applicable to all ages.

"Dear Dr. Taylor:

Let me thank you again for an interesting course. It covered a lot of ground but was easy to understand. I use the methodologies from the course that will help fill my objectives for a particular class. I feel that I have benefited from taking this TESOL course.

I am looking forward to receiving my certificate. Most schools here in China are only hiring teachers who have completed some sort of training course.

I will certainly recommend the Sunbridge course to any colleagues who are interested in improving their professional skills.

Allen D, Xiamen , China"

Click here to continue to our TESOL page for a complete course outline. Check out our SPECIAL TUITION OFFERS!

Click here to continue to our TEFL page for a complete course outline. Check out our SPECIAL TUITION OFFERS!


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